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Roughly 1 out of 5 people in the U.S. has some type of disability. Is your digital media accessible to them?
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Why GET Accessible?

GET Accessible is your digital accessibility specialist. Our cost-effective, real-world techniques will help your organization become fully compliant with all standards for digital and web accessibility.

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We perform top-to-bottom audits of your electronic media. Automated tools cover at most 20% of your content. Our rigorous but flexible tools cover the other 80%.


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For many organizations, captioning is the most expensive part of making their digital media accessible. It shouldn’t be. Learn how to reduce costs going forward.


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You may be spending thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars on tech only to discover that your purchase isn’t suitable for people with disabilities. Prevent purchasing errors before they happen.


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The most cost-effective way to maintain digital accessibility is to learn how to do it yourself. We now offer extensive online training.


You may be LEGALLY REQUIRED to have a digitally accessible website.
NON-COMPLIANCE can be costly.

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ANY INSTITUTION THAT RECEIVES FEDERAL MONEY, including government offices, nonprofits, school and universities, must have an accessible site.
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ANY BUSINESS THAT OPERATES A PUBLIC ACCOMODATION, including banks, retail stores, restaurants and hotels, also has to fulfill ADA requirements on digital access.
Digital Accessibility related lawsuits were filed or removed to federal court in 2016.*
$100s of millions
of potential damages cases could be awarded.

Find out how to make your website accessible

GET Accessible will help you navigate safely through ADA and WCAG 2.0 requirements

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GET Accessible can help ensure that your electronic media communicates to everyone, regardless of disability.

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We understand that different people require different technologies.

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of disabled Americans are BLIND or VISUALLY IMPAIRED. These users may require screen readers or other text-to-speech devices.
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of disabled Americans are DEAF or HEARING IMPAIRED. These users require captioning on all video or multimedia content.
Lfiting/Grasping Impaired icon
of disabled Americans have LIFTING/GRASPING IMPAIRMENTS. They require websites they can access through keyboards alone, without the use of mice or trackpads.
Mobility Impairment icon
of disabled Americans have MOBILITY IMPAIRMENTS. Users with issues that may be similar to users with lifting and grasping impairments.
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of Americans are SENIOR CITIZENS. They may prefer easy-to-navigate websites with type that can be enlarged and with background elements that can be hidden for better legibility.
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of Americans have LEARNING DISABILITIES. They require websites that use the simplest language possible. This is especially important on sites that they require for day-to-day living, such as financial sites.

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Now Offering Online Training

In addition to our one-on-one consulting services, GET Accessible now offers online training on digital accessibility.Learn about auditing, purchasing and captioning through our exclusive webinars, or ask us to prepare a webinar on a unique subject of your choice. We work with individuals or small groups.

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