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GET Accessible has over a decade of experience consulting in digital accessibility for a range of public and private sector clients. We’ve worked with government agencies, universities, multinationals and small startups, and we’re eager to work with you.

About Us

Our team is made up of accessibility experts with in-depth knowledge of all types of digital media, dedicated to bringing organizations into compliance. We will work with you to make your institution a leader in inclusivity.

Our goal is to be the core resource for your organization on all things related to accessibility and technology. We will build and create systems that will provide the expertise and training needed to ensure that every branch of your organization has access to and an understanding of these ever-changing technologies. We will ensure your organization stays true to its goal on inclusiveness by evaluating each applications thru collaboration and information sharing.

Our government sector clients include the IRS, Social Security, US Embassies, Dept. of Education, Homeland Security. Our higher education clients include, CUNY (including Brooklyn College, Hunter College, Baruch, and John Jay), University of Cincinnati, University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana, and University of Southern Florida. Our private sector clients include, Amazon, Box, BlackBoard, Canvas, D2L, PeopleSoft and a host of smaller firms and start-ups.

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We work with higher education, public sector, and private sector clients, from multinationals to startups.