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We start our Digital Accessible Auditing process with a comprehensive review of your institution’s existing software, electronic platforms and media (digital and otherwise) to determine whether they are up to current standards for digital accessibility. Once we establish your baseline, we plan for the future.

Most institutions have a mixture of accessible and inaccessible media. For instance, a university may have a website whose front-facing pages comply with standards, but tens of thousands of class-specific webpages that do not. A syllabus may contain textbooks with e-reader versions, but also photocopied materials that are useless to blind students. Different departments may be using different platforms to distribute videos, some of which include captioning and some of which do not. When the audit is done, we can determine the most efficient – and least expensive – way to make sure that going forward you are up to date and following best practices.

Our Digital Accessibility Auditing Process Saves You Time and Money

Most automatic auditing tools for digital accessibility, even ones that your organization may be mandated to use, check at most 20% of your products. That means at least 80% of testing must be done manually by trained evaluators.

GET Accessible will help you assemble the right team. We try to follow the model set by Apple and Google, and assemble teams of tech-savvy people with disabilities. Finding people with the proper skill sets is key. A person who has never used a screen reader will be a poor evaluator; so will someone who has used only one kind all his or her life. You need evaluators that are both knowledgeable and adaptable.

Ad hoc evaluations can lead to findings of “good enough” that could get you into trouble later. We’ll help create rigorous but flexible evaluation methods so that you can make fair-minded comparisons of products.

We Fix Your Digital Accessibility Shortfalls

Once the audit is complete, we create an action plan for remediation. We work with you to decide what needs to upgraded,and what needs to be scrapped and rebooted. When devising your plan, we take into account

  • Your timeline
  • Your budget
  • The number of users who will be affected
  • What kinds of technologies you already have in place
  • The number of tech-savvy personnel you have who can implement changes

Keeping up with digital accessibility is an ongoing process. Technologies change rapidly, and having antiquated technologies will be no defense against future litigation. With 1 out of 5 people in the US having some sort of disability, this issue will never go away completely. Having an effective plan in place is the best way to stay ahead of the curve and control costs.

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