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Avoid buyer’s remorse. More money is wasted on procurement and purchasing than on anything else related to assistive technologies. You may be spending thousands – or tens of thousands – of dollars buying tech only to discover after the fact that it isn’t usable by people with disabilities. GET Accessible will help prevent purchasing errors before they happen.

Make accessibility standards part of purchasing

Your purchasing procedures were probably set up years before digital accessibility became a requirement. More often than not, this means you’ll find yourself making purchases first and asking about accessibility later.

That’s when you find yourself in a hole. The money’s spent, and the vendor has no responsibility to make changes. Want to return the tech for a refund? Cancel your contract without penalties? Persuade the developer to make timely changes to the product? Good luck.

Ask the Right Questions

The time to determine whether new tech is compatible with assistive technologies is before you make the purchase. We can help you create a system that asks the key questions, such as

  • Does this technology have assistive capabilities?
  • What kind? Can it be used by the blind? The deaf? People with limited motor skills?
  • Is it compatible with our existing systems?
  • If not, can it be made compatible?
  • If its assistive capabilities are dependent on other technologies (e.g., web browsers), what guarantees we’ll we have that it will keep these capabilities going forward even if the other technologies change?

The goal is to make the vendor responsible for digital accessibility, and to get it in writing. GET Accessible will help you get guarantees with every purchase.

Training and Implementation

No system will help you save money if your staff isn’t trained to use it. Purchasing agents are used to a certain amount of autonomy, and imposing a new set of rules without explanation may create unwarranted friction. We’ll train your staff to understand digital accessibility requirements, so that they not only use your new system properly but feel empowered for doing so.

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