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My First Impression of Axe-Con Experience 

Ali Colak  | March 28, 2022
First Timer attending a Remote Conference As someone who is deeply interested in making technology accessible to everyone, partly because it is the right thing to do and partly because I am reliant on the technology I use being accessible; Conferences like Axe-Con have always been very appealing to me. Scheduling conflicts have not always […]

Get Accessible Review: - "The World's largest selection of audiobooks" 

Ali Colak  | March 9, 2022
The Get Accessible Team was tasked to review and share a user experience from a screen reader perspective. recently formed Audible Web Accessibility Committee (AWAC) that looks to address and bring awareness for users who rely on assistive technology to access content on platform.

Setting up Apple Watch for Accessibility 

Ali Colak  | December 15, 2021
The process of getting a new piece of technology can be rather daunting as a blind user, as accessibility is not always guaranteed, and even in cases where there are accessibility settings available the blind person can only set them up after receiving help from someone sited. Recently, I had such a seamless experience setting […]

Improve screen reader user experience with NVDA 

Ali Colak  | October 1, 2021
It is likely that screen reader users have encountered a situation where they must quickly switch back and forth through two different documents or web applications and must use a separate speech synthesizer setting for both.  I’ve encountered this situation most often while reviewing documents written in English and Turkish languages,  but other readers might […]