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Hello. My name is Ron Rateau and I am from Boston. I spent much of my adult life living in New York, NY; Washington,D.C.; Denver, CO; Cincinnati, OH; only to relocate back to New York about 5 years ago. I have worked in tech for 15 years in various accessibility states to include: FrontEnd, BackEnd, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI) and Assistive Technology. In my previous life, I was a technology teacher working in Special Education attempting to launch one of my many products with Accessibility in Mind. Welcome to Get Accessible - I am looking forward to meeting everyone on this platform.

Prevention is Better than a Cure - Listening to Apple's notification on volume reduction 

Ron Rateau  | February 22, 2023
Apple’s focus on accessibility and hearing health has been a major benefit to many users who suffer from hearing loss or have other auditory impairments. The noise reduction notification feature in particular is an important step forward in protecting hearing health, as it ensures that users are aware when their volume is too loud and […]